What are the required invention patent registration documents in Vietnam?

  • Enterprise Registration Certificate or National Identity Card of the owner(s);
  • Declaration for invention patent registration;
  • Invention drawings or images;
  • Invention description and relevant documents (if any).

How long does invention patent protection last?

Once the invention patent is granted, it shall each have validity starting from the filing date and expiring at the end of 20 years later, and cannot be renewable. However, the invention patent’s validity should be maintained annually. 

What is the procedure for invention patent registration in Vietnam?

Stage 1: Formality examination

Invention patent application will be examined within 1 month counted from the filing date by the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP).

Stage 2: Publication on Vietnamese Intellectual Property Gazette

After accepting the invention patent application at stage 1, NOIP shall publish it on the Vietnamese Intellectual Property Gazette within 19 months from the first filing date or date of accepting its legitimate whatever comes later. Besides, the applicant could ask for earlier publication of their invention patent application.

Stage 3: Substantive examination

After publishing the invention patent application, NOIP shall substantively examine it within 18 months from the publishing date.

Stage 4: Granting invention patent

If the application fully meets all the protection criteria, fees, and charges, NOIP will grant an invention patent.

The service process of invention patent registration from Monday VietNam

  • Step 1: Researching, evaluating, and offering the patentability of your invention;
  • Step 2: Filling required documents based on your given information;
  • Step 3: Submitting your application at NOIP;
  • Step 4: Updating the status of your invention patent registration and responding to NOIP’s requests (if any);
  • Step 5:  Once your invention patent is granted, we will send you a Certificate of Invention Patent Registration.

Why choose Monday VietNam for the invention patent registration service?

Monday VietNam is the leading consulting company in the Vietnam Intellectual Property field. Our practice mainly focuses on Intellectual Property rights registration, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. 

Our team is all experienced lawyers and legal experts. We will provide you with:

  • Strategic overview of your invention patent protection;
  • Cost and time-saving invention patent registration solutions;
  • Transparent, honest, professional, and dedicated service;
  • Security commitment of your information.
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